rev Claudia JiménezSpring is here. The mountains are coming to life with wildflowers and trees bursting into leaf. Mayapples, trillium, jack-in-the-pulpit and all the little white flowers that I looked up last year, determined to remember their names, whose names I have now forgotten! Winter coats are replaced by light jackets (or no jackets at all). The days get longer. It is a delight to eat outdoors and go for walks after dinner without rushing home to avoid the darkness. It’s an exciting time as we transition to warmer weather and anticipate summer.

There is also excitement at UU Asheville as you prepare to host ministerial candidate Rev. Audette, with a week full of activities, conversations, and shared meals. The schedule of events is shared weekly in the e-news.

There is excitement as our delegates prepare to attend General Assembly in Pittsburgh and represent our congregation in the association’s business meetings in June. Next month there will be a series exploring the proposed Article II changes and creating space for delegates to hear your feedback which will inform their vote. I hope you can join us.

And, we are also preparing for the congregational vote June 4 to adopt the 8th Principle as a collective call to action to deepen our commitment to racial justice and collective liberation. This Sunday, April 16 after the Earth Day service there will be a panel and Q&A about this important vote.

There is excitement as our youth prepare to travel to Birmingham and Montgomery for a memorable and challenging racial justice learning experience. They are grateful for the congregation’s support of their fundraising events especially the Taco & Trivia night. I am honored to be one of the chaperones accompanying them on this trip. I look forward to learning together as well as getting to know our youth better.  I am also grateful for the work of our Religious Exploration staff who organized this trip and the many programs available to children and youth this year. They are already busy planning for next year and will begin recruiting facilitators soon.

There is so much happening in our community. How will you stay engaged and contribute to the new chapter in the story of UU Asheville?

With gratitude and anticipation,
Rev. Claudia Jimenez, Minister of Faith Development