Join Rev. Claudia for a meditative vespers Wed., Nov 25 6:30 PM using the story “Giving Thanks” based on words from the Peoples of the Six Nations. It has been a complicated, challenging year and we are invited to consider the everyday gifts around us despite the challenges we face. Below is prompt to share with a young person in your life and, that you can draw or journal about. Enjoy!

  1. Draw something that makes you happy.
  2. Draw something you couldn’t live without.
  3. Draw someone who helps you.
  4. Draw something that makes you smile.
  5. Draw something you love to do.
  6. Draw something you are thankful for.
  7. Draw someone you love.
  8. Draw something you think is fun.
  9. Draw something that makes you feel good.
  10. Draw something that makes you laugh.

December – Theme: Stillness

2       Vespers Leader: Rev. Mark
Program: Human Rights Day Discussion, Deb Holden, Rev Claudia

9       Vespers Leader: Rev. Terry Davis
Program: Navigating the Landscapes of Power, Joy McConnell

16     Vespers Leader: Rev. Claudia
Program: Spiritual Practices III: Heart/Creativity Practices

23 & 30     No Vespers – Winter Holidays