Wednesday Dinner and Vespers October 4th

Dinner at 6:00 PM ·Vespers at 7:00 PM

Join us for a special evening of Vespers and decision-making. Our vespers will consider, in story, how we offer back to the world the love that makes us whole, and the work of our hands which makes this possible.

After our dinner and a time of story and sharing, we’ll generate a list of justice areas we think that we, as a community, should focus on together. Over the evening, and the following few weeks, we’ll vote to determine our top four communal justice priorities. This will help guide Revs. Audette and Claudia in their efforts and focus over the next year or two.

Because we are Stronger, Together! · Please RSVP here


Thanks for all the kudos you’ve been sending to us as we on staff have completely and totally changed almost everything we do for UUCA and where we do it!  Your appreciation means a lot.

Now that we can see that this state of affairs will continue for quite some time, we need YOUR help!  We know that many of our groups are still functioning, be they spiritual deepening groups, covenant groups, social groups, or committees (Board, Leadership Development, Auction, Finance Advisory Committee, RE Council, Justice Ministry Council and more!).  But there is a need for more, and the UUCA staff is unable to attend to it.

Just a little aside here, quoting someone recently (and if it was you, tell me!), “Staff supplies support and the congregation owns the programs.”  It’s true!

Our highest priority need is to identify more covenant group leaders.  What is a church if it is not a locus of relationships?  And where is that locus when there is no there there?  It’s in small group ministries!  We want everyone to be in a small group this coming year, but there’s no way to offer that without more leaders.  If you can spend about 2 hours a week reviewing materials and   Contact Rev. Claudia to learn more.

Our second-most (desperate) need is for more participants for our worship services.  Both Wednesday Vespers and our Sunday service would benefit from more, different voices.  You will get lots of help and advice from the ministers and you will show your fellow congregants that you are still alive(!).  (OK, maybe not the best selling point.)  Contact Rev. Mark for Sundays, and Rev. Claudia for Wednesdays.

And finally, our third most important need (only because it’s not immediate) is for RE program facilitators.  We’ll be doing RE differently this year, with fewer classes adapted to online interactions, but we’re not doing any of it without volunteers.  Really.  So, if you can volunteer on a teaching team with three other congregants to learn with a small group of youngsters, contact Kim Collins or Jen Johnson.  (And you can’t use, “But I don’t want to miss the service,” as an excuse, can you?)

Thanks for your help.

Dr. Linda Topp
Director of Administration

Summer Vespers Begins June 3, 6:30 PM

Mindfulness for All Ages
Our first Summer Vespers will be hosted by the Martin family: Anna, Langdon, Eliza, and Lucille. We will be thinking about mindfulness. How do you stay grounded and present in these challenging times? Look for the ZOOM link in the Worship eNews, Monday, June 1. Vespers will continue into the summer. Please contact Rev. Claudia if you would like to facilitate a future Vespers. 

Photo: Melissa Askew,

Animal Blessing Vespers May 27, 6:30PM

Our first Animal Blessings ZOOM Vespers will be at 6:30 PM, May 27. Mary Ann Somervill.

will be our Vespers leader in partnership with co-host Rev Claudia. We look forward to meeting your pets. We are aware that new pets have been welcomed into some UUCA homes, and we look froward to meeting them. If you would like to remember a beloved pet that has died, you are welcome to share a picture with the group. See you at Vespers!

Vespers will continue during the summer.Yeah! Our focus will be “Art & Spirituality.” Vespers leaders will be invited to share and reflect on art that inspires them. It may be original or not, and can include music, poetry, painting, dance or other artistic expression.
Contact Rev Claudia if you are interested in participating at

Join us for Wednesday Vespers!

This week’s Vespers will be hosted by Lead Minister Rev. Mark Ward. Join us at 6:30 PM, May 13. We will be exploring further our monthly theme of Thresholds. What thresholds have you crossed, and how have they changed you? Zoom link available in the e-News.

Mark your calendars…

May 20 Earth Community Circle hosts Vespers followed by a forum with Climate Citizens Lobby and Sierra Club discussing EICDA- Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

May 27 Animal Blessing Service… we look forward to meeting your furry friends (or feathery, etc.)

And, we welcome your ideas for what Summer Vespers could be like. Share your thoughts with Rev Claudia