Follow-up to Closing the Opportunity Gap: Black Children Thriving in School

As you may recall, UUCA hosted the September 2019 symposium, “Closing the Opportunity Gap: Black Children Thriving in School.”  Now the first issue of a journal at UNCA, Moja, focuses on articles from the speakers and participants at the symposium. Moja is an interdisciplinary journal of Africana Studies at UNCA.


Eleanor Lane again wants to express her appreciation to our Anti-Racism and Immigration Justice Action Group and UUCA for supporting the symposium with volunteering, finances, use of our space, and arranging childcare.

Black Lives Matter Educational Materials for Your Group

UUCA’s ARGA Team (Anti-Racism Group Action) is leading the congregation in following through on our recent Congregational Resolution that clearly and firmly states that we are committed, all of us, to educating ourselves about and deepening our understanding of white privilege and oppressive systems.  To this end, they have developed a packet of materials that all of us can use to do this work, inch by inch, meeting by meeting, conversation by conversation.  This packet is posted on our website.  (Use the search term “Black Lives Matter” in our website’s search box if you don’t have the link handy.)

Are you in a covenant, theme, or other kind of connections group at UUCA? As you share of yourselves and your experiences, how can you bring themes and messages of the Black Lives Matter movement into your conversations? Are you on a committee focused on an Earth or Social Justice area other than anti-racism? We are learning more and more about the intersectionality of justice work. How can you bring the work you are doing into conversation with the Black Lives Matter movement?

We hope you will take seriously our congregation’s commitment.  Now is the time–for ourselves, our congregation, our city, and our nation.