Story Medicine is an Indigenous healing modality blending ritual with the written word. Medicine begins with words in Indigenous cultures. Myth and legend heal because they remind us of balance and right relationship. In Western culture, we are disconnected from our ancestral stories, and from the value of our individual story. To reclaim our story is to reclaim the lost self. This is what makes Story Medicine so transformational.

Meta Commerse is a Blues Doula. A former professor of History and English, she’s an award-winning author. Meta is a social entrepreneur, creator of Story Medicine Worldwide, a community-based healing movement.

UUCA’s Anti-Racism  Immigrant Justice Action Group is sponsoring this free three-hour workshop as we explore th

e work of becoming an anti-racist congregation. For an optimal experience, the workshop will be capped at 21 individuals. The workshop provides a taste of thetransformative work of Story Medicine. Expect to encounter community learning and healing through the sacredness of story. Meta uses memory as raw material and community resource, along with heart-centered language for what has happened to us.

Click here to register.  Limited to 21 participants.