Environmental Justice

UUCA is committed to helping our congregation and its members live more sustainably upon the Earth. We were recognized as a Green Sanctuary in 2008 and are currently applying to be recertified in that status. Our Earth Community Circle meets monthly to coordinate our work for environmental justice. Also, we as a congregation have undertaken many projects to help us live lightly on the land, including installing rain gardens & native plantings, retrofitting our buildings based on energy audits, and our current major project of installing 100 solar panels on our main building.  Together we are working to reduce our energy consumption and to serve as a beacon of hope in our community.  Here is a handy guide from the Creation Care Alliance that provides actions you can take for a sustainable future.

Earth Community Circle (ECC)

This group leads our congregation’s work in issues of Earth justice, including seeking to stop climate change, reducing our carbon footprint and helping us to live sustainably. It is guided by the value of our 7th principle: “Respect of the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”  Over the past couple of years, ECC has enjoyed diverse participation in the congregation by pursuing several different initiatives.  Everything from book discussion groups to volunteer workdays in the community, from campus landscaping to putting 100 solar panels on the roof.  ECC is always on the search for passionate environmental leaders and welcomes new ideas.

Please join us at our next monthly meeting!  We usually meet the 4th Thursday from 6:30-8:30 pm. Please check the church calendar or weekly newsletter to confirm.

Current Projects

  • Install more than 100 solar panels on our campus
  • Plan workdays to benefit the Earth, such as tree plantings and river cleanups in partnership with Asheville GreenWorks
  • Coordinating our re-accreditation for Green Sanctuary
  • Leading a discussion of the Skinner House book, Justice on Earth
  • Staffing an outreach table in Sandburg Hall following services to help share our current projects
  • Kill-a-Watt meter you can borrow to test your home energy use

Campus Landscape Information