The Scoop: Social Justice Visioning


Social Justice Visioning is going well, with approximately forty people attending the open meeting on January 27. Energy was high and participation was lively. After the Core Team (from the Doing Democracy study group) presented their observations and recommendations, the group voted to transition that group of four people into an Interim Steering Committee, who will be responsible for continuing to refine the structure to under gird and support the social justice work of the congregation. Gay Lambirth, Tom Blanford, Jim Lee, and Cecilia Rawlins all agreed to continue their service. They will serve no longer than through June, by which time (if not sooner), a permanent leadership team and structure will be in place. A predominant theme in the conversation was that attendees wanted more social justice in worship – hearing both from the ministers and from fellow congregants about issues, passions, and stories. A number of task forces formed at the meeting:

  • Communications: Assess and work on our communications processes for ESJM announcements, etc., including both internal and external communication, and potential for using the Standing on the Side of Love brand.
  • Education: Look into ways to educate the congregation on issues and opportunities, including the process for creating congregational statements on issues.
  • Open Space: Explore the Open Space process (as described by Dan Clere) for the whole congregation to engage in decision making around what issues are important and supported by small and large groups within the community.
  • Off the Grid: Find out what the cost of getting the Edwin Place campus off the grid would be.

All of the task forces will be supported in their work by the Interim Steering Committee and the Associate Minister. If you are interested in participating in any of these task forces, please contact any member of the Interim Steering Committee, or Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper/254-6001 x202.