The Scoop: Who’s as Smart as our 6th Graders?


6th Grade Riddle and Mystery, and The Gospel According to the Simpsons

This year, our 6th grade youth are being supported as they begin to ask big questions. What is religion? How does it help us make meaning of life? Is there a God? What happens when we die? This class invites exploration and engagement on the topic of faith and helps kids begin the lifelong journey of asking questions only they can answer. The theological underpinning is our UU belief that “revelation is not sealed” – we can seek and find answers to big questions. To help with that process, they are using the UUA Tapestry of Faith curriculum Riddle and Mystery. A supplemental curriculum of The Gospel According To the Simpsons  keeps the class fun and engaging, recognizing that pop culture is important to kids this age, especially if it can reflect their growing faith identity. Each of the Simpsons sessions includes a viewing of an episode, followed by discussion of a relevant topic, such as prayer, faith, morality, God, pluralism, the institutional church, and the Bible.

Some words from the teachers:
Just like the service in the Sanctuary, a chalice lighting is always part of our beginning together. The class is filled with some really good discussion – both in a big group setting or in pairs or small groups – about the big questions. This class does not allow the students to be superficial; we dig deep! We ask the students to reflect on what they think, what their families think, what UUs believe and often juxtapose that to other religious traditions. The students are engaged and have some incredible things to say; their maturity and wisdom always impresses me.