Room Fee Schedule

RentalFee-pageComplete information is provided in the Facilities Rental Policy and Procedure

Fees are due at the time of  reservation (exceptions for events planned more than 3 months in advance)

Members of UUCA qualify for a 50% discount on one-time events once per church year or 10% on meetings.

If an event is cancelled less than 72 hours before the event, 25% of the Room Fee will be withheld.

Sanctuary – private event299$300
Sanctuary – public event (one that is publicly advertised and for which admission is charged)299$500
Sanctuary – wedding rehearsal on a separate day from wedding$75 per hour
Sandburg Hall (social hall)100 with tables
200 chairs
Sandburg Hall kitchen (not a commercial kitchen)$25
For the following rooms, first fee listed is for 3 hours, second number is for each additional hour after 3
Main Building Classrooms (there are 2)15 with tables$35/$10
RE Commons20 chairs$50/$20
Jefferson House-Main Floor20 chairs
Jefferson House Kitchen/Break Room$10
23 Edwin Place Board Room12 with tables$60/$25
23 Edwin Place Parlor20 chairs$60/$25
23 Edwin Place Kitchen/Break Room$10
23 Edwin Place Classroom (upstairs)12 with tables$50/$20
Use of kitchens include coffee pots or coffeemakers, dishwasher if available, microwave oven, conventional oven, (if available) range cook-top, (if available) available dishware and cooking supplies.