Mark Speaking-WE DO

So, how are we doing? It’s a question that every organization needs to ask on a regular basis to make sure that what it is doing aligns with its mission and values and connects with those who it serves. One of the chief ways that we have developed to get feedback from you about how things are going at UUCA is a yearly congregational survey. The survey, now in its third year, is organized around what we call Ends Statements. These statements, developed by the Board of Trustees, describe what we hope to accomplish as a congregation. You can find them here on our website.

You’ll notice that they are organized in terms of how we hope participation in this congregation shapes our individual faith journeys (Within), how it influences the ways we relate to one another (Among) and how it influences the way we work in the larger world (Beyond). We began with a survey on all three areas. Last year we concentrated on the Among Ends. This year we’ll focus on the Within Ends.

All of these – and especially Within Ends – are notoriously hard to measure, since we are seeking input on impressionist things like the state of our spiritual lives. And yet it is important that we try so that we might offer some guidance to staff and lay leaders as to whether what they do is having any impact. Also, given how diverse our congregation is, it’s important that we receive feedback from as many members of our community as possible. So, please keep an eye out for a Survey Monkey instrument from us in the coming week and complete it as soon as you can. In addition to questions rating how we’re doing, you’ll have ample opportunity for written feedback. Thank you in advance for completing this and helping us shape the future of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville.