You are a ray of sun. Together, our community brings rays of sunshine into our walls and beyond into the Asheville community.  These rays look different for each of us. They are composed of the time, talent, and treasures you choose to share. 

One of the most precious gifts we can give to others is our time. The ray of time shines because of you and the time you generously give. You carve time out of your day to listen to others, to lend a helping hand, and you volunteer in the smallest and biggest of ways. You are a ray of time.  

So many of you graciously share your talents. Your talents are the ray of light that lead us, entertain us, sustain us, inspire us, support us and challenge us to grow in supportive ways. You are a ray of talent.

If you went on a treasure hunt throughout this congregation, we would find you, sharing the treasures of gratitude, care, a heart yearning for equity, gifts of both monetary and sentimental value, and our core values of connection, inspiration, compassion, and justice. You are a ray of treasure that glistens, shimmers, and shines.   

Together, you, and your time, talent, and treasures, are the energy sources that generate our sunshine and allow our rays to shine within our walls and beyond. Let this new year be a reminder of how much you shine and how appreciative we are of you, in all the many ways you share your time, talents, and treasures.  

I invite you all to lean into the many ways we give of our time, talents, and treasures throughout the year.  In this new year, we begin our year of giving with giving gratitude to all our volunteers. In our last e-news we announced that Appreciation Ave is coming soon to Sandburg Hall! Appreciation Ave is dedicated to celebrating our Awesome Volunteer Energy! Look for the Ave in the coming weeks and start thinking about our Awesome Volunteer Energy.  On the AVE you’ll be able to add to the scene your appreciation, shout-outs, kudos, and thanks to our UU Asheville volunteers who have been moved to share their love through their service to the congregation. If you’d like to acknowledge one of our awesome volunteers, and you’re not able to be here to add your appreciation to the Ave, send us an email and we’ll add it on your behalf.  

I also invite you to explore our current volunteer opportunities. Volunteering your time is a much-needed ray of sun to the congregation and allows you to connect with others and engage in meaningful work. If the spirit moves you, please consider volunteering. Visit our volunteer sign up form where you’ll learn about current volunteer opportunities and how you can help. 

We are truly blessed that this congregation is so bright.

Wendy B. Motch-Ellis, Director of Administration