Pastoral Care

Tulips-raindropsPlanning for End of Life and Crisis: Life Crisis and Five Wishes forms are available for $1 in the office. The forms are a great way to begin a conversation with loved ones about your wishes should you find yourself ill or in crisis. You may make an appointment to meet with one of the ministers to discuss your planning if you wish, and the Minister of Faith Development will keep a copy in a confidential file. You may also use the forms to assist you and your family privately.

Pastoral Visitors are trained laypersons that work in partnership with the ministers providing Members and their families with companionship, support and assistance in times of crisis or life changes that challenge their ability to cope. Pastoral Visitors offer a caring ministry of presence by phone, mail, or in person to Members and Friends who are in crisis, homebound, or who just want a good listener.

You can find a Pastoral Visitor (with a blue nametag) in Sandburg Hall on Sunday mornings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to either of the ministers or a Pastoral Visitor should you feel you need support.

The Caring Response Network responds to the practical needs of Members and Friends by offering the following services on an emergency or short-term basis:

• Providing meals to those who are ill, have a new baby, or who are in need of temporary assistance
• Offering rides to medical appointments and to services and events
• Offering to walk a dog, water plants, make phone calls, or respond to other practical needs.

When to Call on the Ministry of Congregational Care

UUCA Members and Friends are invited to call on the caring network on many occasions, including:

•The death of a loved one and issues of grief and bereavement
• Illness
• Life transitions such as birth/adoption, marriage, separation/divorce, retirement, or moving to a retirement community
• Relationship conflict
• The challenges of parenting
• Conflict at work or loss of a job
• Changes in living conditions, including financial stress, empty nest, or caring for elder parents
• The death of a beloved animal companion
• Joys, such as a new baby/child, graduation, a promotion at work, an approaching wedding/union
• Making plans for end-of-life decisions

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