Our RE Covenant

Our Covenant

Our faith is covenantal, meaning that we emphasize the commitments and promises we make to each other as we gather in community at UUCA and beyond. We have numerous covenants that guide our behaviors and support our aspirations including our congregational covenant.  We strive to create a multigenerational, welcoming community  which has led to the creation of our Community Covenant which we invite you to read and uphold. We also have expectations for parents/guardians,  policies and procedures that reinforce our commitment to creating safer spaces for all who join us. In addition to our Community Covenant, we invite you to also read our congregational covenant and parental expectations.

Congregational Covenant

Expectations of Parents/Guardians

Including illness and vaccine policies

 Respecting Each Other: A Community Covenant

As Unitarian Universalists we agree to respect everyone as part of our First Principle. In order to do our best to respect everyone (including elders, children of all ages, and differently-abled people) so that we all feel welcome and safe together, we agree to the following:

  • We will be polite and speak kindly to everyone.
  • Children under the age of 11 must be supervised and in sight of their parent (or supervising adult) at all times. This means that whenever an apparently unsupervised child is discovered, they should be able to immediately respond to the question, “who is your person?”
  • No running inside any building.
  • Whenever we light a chalice we create sacred space; space that holds our best hopes and invites our best selves. Out of respect for the person lighting the chalice and our community, we pay attention to that person and participate as they ask us to participate.  That could mean being silent or it could mean speaking, singing, or participating in a ritual created for the occasion.
  • No young people under the age of 18 may congregate or play outside when it is dark, unless a supervising adult is present.
  • Whenever we gather, we will leave the area cleaner than we found it.
  • If something is broken or damaged, it should be reported to the event leader or church administrator as soon as possible.

Permission for Community Parenting is part of this covenant. As a trusting church community we give one another permission to sensitively redirect behavior that any reasonable adult considers dangerous, disrespectful or in violation of this covenant when the parent is temporarily distracted. As parents we will gracefully accept reminders that our children need more direct supervision.

Note: Parents have full responsibility for their children when children are not in class or in supervised childcare. They may enlist a supervising adult when the parent is unable to supervise their own children for a finite time period but the parent still bears full responsibility. For children in supervised childcare, in order to be considered under the supervision of childcare staff that child must be signed into childcare by a parent.

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