Here’s a little report from Linda Kooiker.  Send yours to Linda Topp!

I am standing in front of my home with some pansies.
Just added some more containers and plants yesterday.
The photo below shows the car loaded with the 3rd delivery of food and supplies that was delivered last week to a low-income apartment complex next to Hawthorne.Village.  We will do our 4th delivery this week. I instigated this Hawthorne community effort in late March. It has brought my neighbors into a community effort and has helped other neighbors.  Some residents of Hawthorne involved in this effort do not attend social events or board meetings.  It is amazing to see the good will this effort is generating.
I have been making masks and asking for a donation that then goes to buying food and supplies for our efforts with Spruce Hill Apartments.  I have also been enjoying our marvelous flowering trees.