We are very proud of our music program here at UU Asheville. I would hope that we would all agree that music is a vital part of our worship. We are fortunate to have our choir, our own in-house band, The Sandburgers, and a music budget that allows us to bring in guest artists such as Chris Rosser and Emma’s Revolution. 

Our music program also includes all of you, the members of the congregation. After what we’ve been through the last few years, it’s a blessing that we are able to meet in person and sing together. You may have noticed that there have been more opportunities in our services for the congregation to sing, including the occasional sing-along Postlude. Also, I often stop playing and allow you to sing a cappella – it’s great to hear your voices without instruments. As we move forward, we hope to be able to continue to provide good music for our services. That process includes opportunities for you, our members. If you sing or play an instrument and would like to participate in some way, please see me after a service or email me at music@uuasheville.org

We’re always happy to welcome new choir members. We sing in four-part harmony (soprano/alto/tenor/bass). No audition is required. It helps if you can read music, but if you have the ability to learn a part by ear that’s okay too. The most important things are a positive attitude and the desire to be part of a musical ensemble. We have a good time learning music in our rehearsals. We meet every Thursday, 7-8:30 PM. 

Dr. Leslie Downs, Music Director