Photo of Orion attending his "church"This from lifelong UU Orion, barely 3 years old:

As a toddler, I continue to live in the moment, even during times of “The Birus.”  Until I am not.

I have not brought up “church” (or school) or people there all that much over the past several months.  (But oh how I enjoy seeing familiar faces, and tuning in and out at Zoom Vespers on Wednesday nights.) Then the other day, when my stuffed animal friends were congregated together, I pulled over my keyboard, picked up a piece of paper and went to “work.”  When Mom poked her head into my room and asked how I was doing, I responded, “This is the choir. I am playing the piano for them.  I am helping Les. (My hero!).  But first I am reading the bulletin. So, I need space!”  [Mom translation:  I need space = leave me alone right now please]
So  yeah, I am living in the moment, until something I and my mom hold dear to our hearts from months ago bubbles up.
We are grateful for the rituals, community, and beauty we experienced at UUCA before Corona Birus, and for the ways we continue to connect now.  Like this!
What’s YOUR story of living your values?
Orion (and Mama Holly)
PS   Speaking of things that haven’t been around for a while… (In case you noticed the background) The other day I told Mom that I NEEDED to get MY Christmas tree out. Just in time for Christmas in July! Doing my part to keep things festive and light.