Welcome to UUCA!  For any questions you have about membership, feel free to ask anyone at the Welcome Desk on Sunday mornings or ask Venny Zachritz, our Connections Coordinator.

Our members come to us seeking experiences and relationships that will be spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally rewarding.  We have found that in community we have the power and the strength to create positive change in the world.   Here at UUCA there are opportunities for:

1) worshiping with others—of all ages,
2) joining small groups to learn more about this religion, explore life issues, and deepen our spiritual selves,
3) experiencing community through social and educational events and service opportunities,
4) taking our faith and values out to the world to seek justice in this unjust world.

At UUCA we know that a newcomer who is interested in becoming a member will thrive if they manage to make personal connections with other members. So our path to membership provides various ways to make connections BEFORE becoming a member.

Path to Membership

The path to membership begins by attending an “Introduction to UUCA for Newcomers” session. Those who attend will be given basic information about UUCA, receive the Path to Membership Guide, have an opportunity to sign up for a Connector, and meet a few other newcomers. These sessions are held the 3rd Sunday of every month after each service.

Once you have completed the steps in your Path to Membership Guide you can sign up for a Membership Class. This one-session, 4 1/2 hour class includes lunch and provides more in-depth information about our programs, governance, and stewardship. The Membership Class is also appropriate for those who come from another UU congregation. These classes are held three times a year, in December, March, and May and are led by our Lead Minister, Rev. Mark Ward, and our Connections Coordinator, Venny Zachritz, with assistance from volunteers.

Dates and additional information about upcoming classes are posted on the calendar and in the monthly newsletter or contact Venny Zachritz.