​6:30 Vespers  ​will ​be led by Joyce Hooley​ Gingrich.​​ March 24 will be the first Vespers after the First Day of Spring (The Spring Equinox, is on March 20 this year,) thus, we will be listening to selected readings from Aldo Leopold, and reflecting together on geese and on spring as a season for moving forward with commitment.   ​

​7:00 PM Program:  We will be exploring Original Blessing Theology.  Come help us identify some roots and commonalities with contemporary Unitarian Universalist understandings, and find out why Cardinal Ratzinger ordered an inquisition into Matthew Fox after he published his treatise, Original Blessing, A Primer in Creation Spirituality in 1983. Facilitator: Joyce Hooley Gingrich

Next Week:
March 31
Vespers leader: Rev. Jeff Jones
Program: Do Animals Have Rights? Facilitator: Rev. Jeff Jones