We have a mighty trio of volunteers who are working to produce a cookbook by and for UUCAers.  No one needs to be a creative chef here.  Just send in recipes that you either use a lot, that get rave reviews from friends, or are just fun!  Omnivores, vegetarians and vegans welcome!  We want ’em all.

Sally, Sherry and Fredda will be coordinating the creation of this fabulous hardcover cookbook as a fundraiser for our congregation in conjunction with the November Auction.  We invite you to send us as many favorite recipes as you’d like.  Time is of the essence, so start choosing your recipes now!  These cookbooks (which also make great gifts ) will be available to purchase at the auction in November for $15 each. To make this even more fun, there will also be  a raffle for everyone who submits recipes, so the more recipes you send in, the better your chances are in the raffle!  Send those recipes to one of us so you can be a part of our UUCA cookbook!

Questions? Email anyone on the cookbook committee!  Sherry Lundquist, Fredda Mangel, and Sally Witkamp.  We look forward to hearing from you.