The future beckons.
A backward look will, perhaps,
Clarify the way.

Sunday, October 29 will be an important day in the life of our congregation. On that day, at 4pm in our Sanctuary, we will have a Special Congregational Meeting with two important items: a report on the draft Mission and Ends emerging from The LOV Project and a vote on the Resolution to Become a Sanctuary Congregation growing out of the work of the Sanctuary Working Group. You will want to be there.

In preparation for that event, you can expect to receive materials, by email or traditional mail, which will include the Agenda, the Resolution, a Sanctuary FAQ, an absentee/proxy ballot, and additional information. The materials will be sent to ensure that you have ample time to reflect on them.

As I have thought about that day to come, I have thought about three days that have gone before. On November 13, 1983, my wife Jean and I became members of this congregation. On October 22, 1995, I gave a sermon entitled “On Being and Becoming Welcoming.” And on November 15, 1995, our congregation overwhelmingly decided to become a Welcoming Congregation.

The October 22nd sermon—the only one I have ever given—was deeply meaningful to me. The stakes were high and it definitely took me out of my comfort zone. But I wrote the sermon, delivered it, and it was well received. One definition of courage that I’ve heard is “Being afraid but doing it anyway.” On that day, at least, I was courageous.

Perhaps our congregation, too, was courageous on that November day in 1995 when we voted to become a Welcoming Congregation. I do not know. Twenty-two years later it seems like there would have been little reason to be afraid. I’d like to think that we were just doing the right thing.

What will UUCA congregants in 2039 think about the decisions we make on October 29, 2017? Only time will tell. But I’d like to think that they will think that we were just doing the right thing.

I’m looking forward to our being together on Sunday, October 29 at 4pm!

Bruce Larson, Board of Trustees