fox curled up and resting on a tree stumpSo, do you need a break? We thought so! As we near the end of the 2020-’21 church year, we come to a major transition in our congregational life together. With the departure of our lead minister, Rev. Mark Ward, in June and the exhaustion that all of us – staff, volunteers, and . . . well, everybody – are feeling after a year of coping with the COVID pandemic, we are planning on doing something that, as far as we can tell, we’ve never done at this congregation: We’re going to cancel weekly worship in July.

That’s right. After we say good-bye to Rev. Ward on June 13, we’ll take a break in worship until August. Actually, we recommend that you connect for Sunday worship at General Assembly on June 27 – we’ll post the link on our Web site – but other than that no services are planned. We’ll begin Sunday services again on August 1 with our traditional Poetry Sunday. In the meantime, if you need a break from the hiking trails and you’re hankering for some UUCA time, we will send a selection of videos in late June from the past year that you can watch.

Any covenant groups, social groups or other committees that would like to continue meeting are welcome to, but we’re giving all staff members a chance to breathe so they won’t be at those meetings.

So, let’s all plan our camping trips, or bicycle or hiking adventures, or just chill by the pool and recharge our batteries so we’ll be ready for an exciting fall with our new interim minister.

PS:  Administrative staff will still be paying attention to things like processing donations and paying bills and reserving Sandburg Hall for meetings.  So it’s not a break from donating.  Just in case you were wondering….