The Earth and Environmental Justice Ministry team is now the Justice Ministry Team in recognition of the interconnectedness and complexity of the work of justice. The Justice Ministry Council has held two organizational meetings to prepare ourselves to support and bring together the different justice projects and action groups in our congregation. Our goals are to:

  1. Facilitate connection and communication between the groups and the congregation
  2. Provide spiritual grounding and educational opportunities to inform and sustain the justice work of the congregation
  3. Create a vision for Justice Ministry aligned with the theme of “Sanctuary Everywhere”
  4. Facilitate budgeting and a reporting process so there is accountability to the congregation

The Council includes representatives from each of the following areas:

Racial Justice – Eleanor Lane
Environmental Justice –  Wink Zachritz
Economic Justice – Joyce Birkenholz
LBGTQ+/Gender Justice – Shawn Landreth
Denominational Action – Deb Holden
Faith Development –  Martha Kiger, Melissa Murphy
Community Plate – Linda Kookier
Spiritual Grounding – Nancy Bragg

Whew! What an awesome group. You will be hearing about our work through the Justice Ministry eNews (contact Elizabeth Schell to register), the Justice Ministry Table on Sunday mornings and the soon-to-be-updated bulletin board in Sandburg Hall.  Opportunities for engagement will be announced in the Sunday  insert and the Weekly eNews.

Yes, this is a lot of information. It takes teamwork and collaboration to stay connected and informed about the work of putting our faith into action. Each of our individual yeses contributes to being part of creating the inclusive, welcoming Beloved Community we talk about.

I am excited to work with the Justice Ministry team this year.  I look forward to learning together, engaging together, and laughing together as this ministry transforms us, strengthens our connection to each other, and challenges us to learn from our inevitable mistakes. As UU Rev. Mark Morrison Reed reminds us,

“It is the church that assures us that we are not struggling for justice on our own, but as members of a larger community. The religious community is essential, for alone our vision is too narrow to see all that must be seen, and our strength too limited to do all that must be done. Together, our vision widens and our strength is renewed.”

Below are a few opportunities to join others in the work of justice in the coming month. Visit the Justice Ministry Table in Sandburg Hall Sunday morning for details.

Sept 5 Voter Registration Training sponsored by the League of Women Voters; 6PM; North Buncombe Library. It will be led by UUCA member, Melissa Murphy.

Sept 13  Anti-Racism & Sanctuary Training hosted by UUCA sponsored by CIMA and Faith Communities Organizing for Sanctuary; 9:30-4:00 PM, sliding scale $35-$65 includes lunch. Register here.

Sept 22 Mary Katherine Morn preaching at UUCA . She will share information about the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC). Deb Holden is leading the effort to bring back the UUSC Guest at Your Table Program to UUCA.  Thank you, Deb!

Sept 28 Blue Ridge Pride. UUCA participation being organized by Universal Rainbow Unity (URU); 11:00 AM- 7:00 PM; Pack Square.  URU encourages multigenerational participation.