July Newsletter

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MINISTER’S MUSINGS from the July newsletter

So, what might it mean for us as a religious community to “embrace a world now under assault from the very patterns and practices of our lives?” In my June 16 sermon I asked that question, and I told you that in the coming year I intend to bring more attention in my work as your minister to answering it and helping us explore how we might live our seventh principle more fully.

Environmental degradation – climate change, the extinction of species, the poisoning of water and air – poses a huge threat not only to our own lives but even more to our children and grandchildren, and all life. And while the trends driving it are enormous and complex, they share a common cause: us humans. We are the chief agents behind them, and so our commitments and our actions are needed to turn them. This is the premise I begin with.

But, of course, we as a congregation are pretty small players on this vast stage, with few tools at our disposal. Still, few is not none. So, let’s begin a conversation to identify what our tools might be. We have already made our commitment clear by becoming certified by the Unitarian Universalist Association as a Green Sanctuary, and we have taken some steps to improve our awareness and practices to help each other and the community live more lightly on the Earth. How might we take that commitment to the next level? How might we each be more deeply engaged in that work?

I begin this conversation with questions, not answers. So, if this project interests or intrigues you, let me know. Beginning in August I’ll convene what I hope will be a regular gathering to help us sort out the path we might take and how we as people of memory and hope, of compassion and commitment, might be part of the great turning that will preserve, protect, celebrate, cherish, and ever renew the web of life.