SHOW UP to voice your opposition to these three proposed NC bills:

  • HB 358 banning trans youth from participating in sports teams and athletics,
  • SB 514 prohibiting transgender young people from receiving trans-affirming care and penalizing medical professionals who provide transition-related care, requiring  teachers, administrators, and counselors to “out” transgender students to their parents, and protecting “conversion therapy” (attempting to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity).
  • SB 515 allowing any medical provider to refuse to do anything they object to on the basis of conscience.

Here’s the Sunday schedule:
1pm Gather at Pack Amphitheater
2pm March in Defense of Trans Youth
3pm Speeches – including one by a UUCA youth

Wear masks and your Side with Love (or older Standing on the Side of Love) t-shirts. Maintain social distancing.

Read up on the bills & other action steps you can take: