Imagine bringing your imagination to a board meeting. That’s what the UUCA Board asked members to do at each of three meetings this fall, and now we are engaged in the process of thinking and talking about what we heard, discerning how those heartfelt conversations will guide our congregation forward.

The UUCA Board’s work, like most other boards, includes monitoring: Does the work of members, committees, staff, volunteers, overseen by the Lead Minister achieve the Congregation’s vision? Are the fiduciary, planning, communication and right relations parameters set in the Governance Document being adhered to?

Imagination—whether we call it visioning, strategic planning, generative work—is also the business of the Board. It is work which takes time, requires active listening, is helped along by having a little fun, feels sometimes like trying to hold water—a thing which is good, which we know we need—without a vessel. We want to keep this good thing that we have together, to make it richer and more easily accessed by members of all ages and tenures, and to continue listening so that what you imagine UUCA to be is part of our picture.

We also need to query our imaginations to identify barriers and impediments which may be cultural, emotional, or physical. Use our imagination to hear how we can be true to our mission and where we can “work in community for justice, love and peace.”

I invite each of you to fantasize about what our congregation could be to you and to our community, keeping in mind that the origin of fantasy is not something false, but something made visible. Intrigued about the Board or interested in serving? Talk to a Board or Leadership Development Committee member!

What: UUCA Board Meeting
When:  6:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month
Where: 23 Edwin Boardroom
Bring: Your Imagination!
If unable to attend: Please talk to each other and to a Board member about your vision of UUCA.