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The executive summary:  We won’t be getting an interim minister next year.  Rev. Mark will stay on for a bit more.  Here’s the Board’s announcement on this:

We have yet to see all the impacts COVID-19 will have on our community and yet it is safe to say the road ahead has the potential to be bumpy. For those of us who have been involved in the work of ministerial transition as well as those of you who have simply had this transition on your mind, these uncertainties quickly began to pose some big questions regarding the how-to’s and what-ifs of this process moving forward.

This past Thursday, having had these same thoughts and concerns in his head and heart, Rev. Mark reached out and surprised the Board with an offer to postpone his retirement and continue his ministry with UUCA for one additional year. The Board, with input from the Interim Search Committee as well as the UUA Transition office, met with Mark to discuss his offer in further depth. This conversation focused on how his offer could impact an interim minister hiring process suddenly compromised by COVID-19, could provide continuity through both the period of social distancing and the unknown impacts that will follow, and of course, let’s not even mention the election this Fall. 

With great thought and gratitude, the Board has accepted his offer.  We feel that the stability he offers with his calm leadership will help our congregation through the months ahead.  

At this time, Rev. Mark plans to retire in June of 2021, pushing the entire process back one calendar year. The work we’ve already done will still guide us when we resume our search for an interim minister next year.

We would like to offer our deepest gratitude to Mark for his generosity, flexibility and leadership during this unusual time. 

The Board would also like to publicly thank Liz Rumbaugh, Tory Schmitz, and Charlie Marks for their work on the Interim Search Committee. Additionally, gratitude also goes to Iris Hardin, Julie Ransom, Amy Burkett Moore, Karen Morris, Margaret McAlister, and Bruce Larson for their work on the Retirement Celebration Committee. 

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding this decision as well as if you have any concerns, suggestions, or needs in general in the weeks or months ahead for which we might be of service. 

UUCA Board of Trustees

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