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What is Interim Ministry?

Interim ministry is a transitional ministry, most commonly seen to help a congregation move from one settled ministry to the next settled ministry. Most often the duration is 24 months, though occasionally the ministry may be longer or shorter. The interim minister(s) assists the congregation in moving beyond its last ministry and equipping itself for a new, different ministry. This preparation involves helping the congregation look at practices that may or may not be serving them well, assisting through the emotional process of transition, setting sights forward, and connecting the congregation to needed resources. The interim minister is hired by the board of trustees. Interim ministers may not be called the congregation. 

Interim Update April 9, 2021

The Interim Search Committee has submitted the UUCA Interim Ministry Search Packet and is now waiting for their feedback. Once we have their notes, we will use them to possibly edit or revise the packet if necessary. We will then submit the packet officially by or before the April 23rd deadline.

On the UUCA Blog, you can find additional information regarding the process and timeline associated with the search itself as well as information regarding questions and conversations that will be important once the interim minister arrives.

Please continue to know that questions and comments and concerns are welcome at or at 919-619-7298. 

Ryan Williams, President, Board of Trustees

Interim Search Timeline

For those who are interested in the timeline of events and actions involved in the Interim Minister Search, here is a general overview.

March – April

The Interim Search Committee is currently working on the Congregation Information/Search Packet. This packet is basically the “Profile/Get to Know Us” overview. It provides potential candidates with information about our past, present, and our future so that they might get a sense of who we are and whether or not they would like to know more about us, maybe even whether or not they want to be Our Interim Minister.

It is our goal to have it ready for submission by March 23rd. This will give the UUA Transition Office time to review it and offer possible editing or information suggestions before the official deadline on April 23rd.

May 4th

The UUA releases a list of up to 8 Interim candidates to the congregation. 

May 5th – May 17th

The Interim Search Committee reviews applicant packets and interviews selected candidates.

May 18th

The Interim Search Committee submits a list of yes/no/maybes to the Transition Office. The Interim Search Committee will then contact the selected minister(s) in order to determine if they are still interested and willing. This will not be the time to make an offer, though. 

May 20th (noon!)

Interim Search Committee extends offer to selected Interim Minister. The offer may only be made at noon eastern time on May 20th.

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