Rental Information

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville has several spaces available to rent for individuals and groups who contribute to the furtherance of our Mission and Ends Statements as listed in our Governance Document

Fees are due at the time of reservation (exceptions for events planned more than 3 months in advance).

Members of UU Asheville qualify for a 50% discount on one-time events once per church year or 10% on meetings.

If an event is cancelled less than 72 hours before the event, 25% of the Room Fee will be withheld.

To explore rental options, contact the Director of Administration.

Complete information is provided in the Facilities Rental Policy and Procedure

REntal Inquiry Form

USe Policy and Procedure

Room Fees and Descriptions

Our Sanctuary299Our worship space has tiered, fixed pews set in a 180-degree semi-circle facing a small stage/pulpit area. A sound system is available but requires hiring a sound technician.$350 private event
$575 public event, $100 an hour for wedding rehearsal
Sandburg Hall100 This open space has one wall of windows, is carpeted and serves as the gathering space for people leaving the Sanctuary. There is a pass-through counter to the kitchen.$250

For the rooms listed below, the first number is for the first 3 hours.

The second number is for each additional hour. 

Main Building Classrooms15 with tablesUncarpeted classrooms with tables and chairs.$35/$10
RE Commons20 chairsAn open, carpeted area surrounded by closed classrooms. Folding chairs are used.$50/$20
21 Edwin Place-Main Floor20 chairs21 Edwin Place: The rental space is the house’s dining room/living room. This room is not handicap accessible.$50/$20
23 Edwin Place Board Room12 seated around tables set in a square23 Edwin Place: The 15-foot X 15-foot Board Room is on the first floor.$60/$25
23 Edwin Place Parlor20 chairs23 Edwin Place: This is the house’s living room. It features a non-working fireplace and includes a sofa and easy chair. Meeting seating is upholstered chairs.$60/$25
23 Edwin Place Classroom1223 Edwin Place: This classroom with tables and chairs is not handicap accessible.$50/$20


These are not commercial kitchens. Use of kitchens includes coffee pots or coffeemakers, dishwasher if available, microwave oven, conventional oven, (if available) range cook-top (if available), available dishware and cooking supplies. Must be rented in conjunction with other room(s)

Sandburg Hall Kitchen

Jefferson House or 23 Edwin Place Kitchen/Break Room

 Additional Fees and Services

In addition to Room Rental Fees, some renters may incur other charges. Groups with more than 150 participants OR those with 60 or more participants that are serving food OR all groups of any size that serve alcohol are required to have a Building Monitor on site during their event and pay a damage deposit. For other groups, a building key may be needed for entry and therefore a key deposit will be necessary.

Below are the various additional charges that may be applied to a rental agreement.

AV Tech – required whenever the Sanctuary sound system is needed$50 for 1st hour, $25 for each hour thereafter
Building Attendant – required whenever an event includes more than 60 people and food is served OR includes more than 150 people OR alcohol is served$40 per hour (always add 1 hour at $50 for clean-up/closing)
Reservation deposit for events more than 3 months out50% of total Room Fee on booking with remainder due 30 days prior to event. All but $50 refundable if cancelled less than 45 days prior to the event
Key Deposit$50, refundable with return of key
Damage Deposit – required whenever an event includes more than 60 people and food is served OR includes more than 150 people OR alcohol is served25% of total Room Fee, fully refundable with no damages

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