With sincere apologies to EBB, EBB fans, sonnet fans, & English teachers everywhere, here goes:

We love you our bidders, our volunteers, our donors
From scarves & dinners and paintings & hikes,
To vans & vacation homes & games & bikes
We wish we could have our Auctioneer clone ya!
We love you for how often you lifted the bidding pen
We love you purely, we give you highest praise
We love you fiercely for all the times your paddle you raised
We love you and the passion you showed to win!
Our Sandburgers always add so much to the fun
Our volunteers kept their smiles even into the 13th hour
Having been there since the rising of the sun.
But all we saw were smiles, no countenance was dour-
And no wonder, with your help, we had an auction well done
Together, People, love + fun+ giving = GOAL-MEETING POWER!!!!