Green Tips

Lower Your Noise Footprint

Replace your gas-powered leaf blower with an electric one or better yet, with a rake. Gas leaf blowers are identified by the CDC and EPA as sources of harmful noise: “ this type of noise is not just an annoyance, it is a public health problem.”

Treasure Your Leaf Litter

Leaves will enrich your soil.  Rake them into small, low piles and then mow over the piles. The shredded leaves can then be gathered to use as mulch.

Yard Lights

Security yard lights kill thousands of moths. Replace these lights with motion-sensor lights that light-up only when motion is detected.

Help Local Wildlife

Install covers over your window wells to prevent small critters like frogs from entering and becoming trapped in the window wells. The plastic covers are an inexpensive fix and easy to install.

Curbie’s Recycling Tip

Squash the plastic bottles and cans if you can but do not flatten them like a pancake because they would be hard to separate from paper recyclables.

Less Packaging

Cut down on packaging by choosing tea bags that don’t have strings and tags or are in individual wrappers.

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