Green Tips

Energy Savings Tip

Save energy by keeping in your body heat. Long-sleeved sweaters can add between 2-4 degrees in added heat.

Good Use of Plastic Bags

Do pick-up after your pets—cats as well as dogs. Fecal matter gets washed into the storm drains and is a source of pollution.

Buy Local Beer

Packaging accounts for 40% of an average beer’s emissions when you factor in transportation.  Good reason to buy local beer in cans.  Applies to wine purchases as well.

Another Reason to Use Cold Water

Clothing made with polyester, nylon and acrylic are sources of plastic pollution when laundered. If synthetic clothes are washed in cold water, the release of the micro-plastics in the material is reduced.  Another option: micro-plastic filters on washers.

Full Recycling Bin

If your recycling bin is filled-up, put extra in cardboard box and place it next to the bin for pick-up.

Soil Enrichment

Welcome mushrooms and allow them to grow in your yard and mulch. The mushrooms enrich the soil and provide nourishment for numerous organisms.

To Be Trashed

Disposable masks, sanitizing wipes and tissues  and plastic gloves are to be put in the trash.  These items are NOT recyclable

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