Green Tips

An Electrical Sabbath

List activities that your family enjoys that don’t need electricity. Choose a few for your Sabbath Day.


Clothes Dryers Are Energy Hogs

A way to make them more efficient: use longer drying times on the heat lowest setting, use the maximum spin cycle on the washer or consider air-drying your clothes.

Know Your Refridgerator’s Climate

Check the thermostat in your refrigerator to ensure your food doesn’t spoil. The ideal temperature is at or slightly below 40 degrees. A good place for foods that won’t easily spoil is in the door. It’s the warmest section. 

Save on Energy

To find energy-efficient products that are certified by EPA’s Energy Star program go to The site is a good resource for efficient products, information on rebates, and tips on other ways to save energy.

Choose Fragrance Free Products

Keep in mind when you’re reading the list of ingredients in personal care products that fragrance is the main ingredient associated with allergic reactions. Best to choose non-synthetic fragrances from plant essential oils.

Easy Way to Save Money

Set your water heater between “low” & “medium” (110-120 F); each 10-degree reduction saves 35% on water heating bills.

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