Green Tips

Trash For Now

Microwave containers are NOT recyclable in Asheville. The material, #5 polypropylene, requires high heat for reprocessing.

Bee Vigilant!

Read labels of products you use in your landscape.  Avoid products containing neonics. These are chemicals that are lethal to bees.  FMI:

Go Native

Replace turf grass with native species of grass. Native lawns use fewer resources  and improve the habitat for wildlife. Check with local garden centers and native nurseries for information on native grass species.

Get A Grip

Get a good grip on the gas cap.  After fueling your car, tighten the gas cap well to prevent evaporation of gas.  If the cap is not on tightly,  you could lose as much as 30 gallons/year!

Healthy Clippings

As you mow, leave your grass clippings on the grass.  The clippings which are 80% water  and contain nitrogen help to water and fertilize your lawn.

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