UUCA’s Board of Trustees has chosen to organize the work of the congregation using policy governance. In this form of governance, the mission and future vision of the congregation is defined by the Board of Trustees in “conversation” with the congregation. The Board’s primary jobs are to use whatever methods it deems fit to discern the will of the Members of the congregation regarding its goals and mission and to monitor that the work of the congregation is leading to the fulfillment of the goals and mission.

The Board of Trustees maintains a Governance Document that lists the mission and goals (the goals are written in form of “Ends Statements” that provide a description of what things would look like if the goal was accomplished) and how and when they will monitor the work of the congregation.

The work or ministries of the congregation are organized to achieve the goals and mission. Using the model of policy governance, the “Executive” is the role of the person or team that leads the work/ministries. At UUCA, the Executive role is filled by the Lead Minister. All of the staff and all of the committees of the congregation except the Nominating Committee report to the Executive.