We had to remove a tree on the UU Asheville campus (near the ramp). As much as I hate to remove any tree, this one had to go. The tree, a hemlock, was declining severely without any possibility of being brought back to health. And it was near the power lines along Charlotte Street. We had Duke Energy come to assess the danger of it falling and they determined it needed to be removed. Graciously they cut it down even though it was on our campus (and didn’t charge us!). 

The decision is hard, but sometimes it’s necessary to remove a plant that is not thriving. Even though it’s a living thing, if there is a danger, if it is declining health, or even if it just makes observers grimace because it looks so bad, it may be necessary to take it away. 

The happy result of this is that we now have another sunny spot for a garden! And, the wood is still there so if anyone wants to take it away for firewood or other use, please feel free to help yourself. If no one wants it, we will have it hauled away eventually. 

Please don’t hesitate to send an email or text if you have questions about your garden.