First-Time Visitors

LeavingSanctuary-webWelcome! We’re glad you want to explore our community of faith.

Attending our worship services is a great way to begin to learn about us. We hold Sunday services at 9:15am and 11:15am, from the weekend after Labor Day until the first weekend in June. Starting in June, and lasting through the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, we hold one Sunday service a week at 10am. Please join us for a social hour following the service—across the foyer from our Sanctuary in Sandburg Hall.

Religious education classes for children and youth are offered at the same time as the worship services. Click here to learn more about our Sunday morning classes for children and youth, noting that classes for 6th graders and older are only offered during the 11:15am service.

For more information about what to expect when you arrive, click here.

For more information about what we believe as Unitarian Universalists, click here.

We’re located about a half-mile north of I-240, at the corner of Charlotte Street and Edwin Place. We are located in a dense residential neighborhood so we have limited parking. It is a good idea to try to arrive early to park your car and check in at our Welcome Table. If you bring children and would like them to experience our religious education classes, you will be escorted from the Welcome Table to the religious education area on our lower level where parents and staff will be there to greet you and your youngsters, answer your questions and help your youngsters find their classes.

First-time visitors often wonder what to wear when they visit our congregation. At our regular Sunday services, you’ll see people in a wide range of clothing choices, from “Sunday best” to very casual attire; please wear what helps you feel most comfortable. After all, this is Asheville!