rev Claudia JiménezChange in Our Nation

I’m writing this blog while people are lined up in Sandburg Hall to cast their votes on Election Day. Many of us mailed postcards, canvassed the community or participated in phonebanks to get out the vote. Some volunteered or worked at the polls. The majority, if not all of us, cast our vote for candidates that share our values.  Now we await the results knowing that whatever happens we will continue to strive to live into our values and UU principles. Whatever happens, there is much work to do to reduce the hardship, poverty, oppression and lack of freedom that many people face in our nation. It is at times like these that our UU community is a source of sustenance. We need one another in these times of transition and liminality. You are invited to join us for Zoom Vespers tonight which will be modified to create space to share what is in your hearts and on your mind today.  Consider joining us.

Change in Our Programming
Vespers, preceded by dinner and followed by a program or programs has been a part Adult Faith Development since I arrived almost 5 years ago. At that time attendance was dwindling. The Wednesday Thing Planning team and I, experimented with different ideas to re-engage the congregation.  We surveyed participants, asked for recommendations for programs and started planning to make them happen. Then, COVID hit and we went on-line with 8-24 people attending. Now that we have been in person, attendance has been minimal except for 1st Wednesdays when we share a meal and fellowship followed by the Vespers service. That will be the only Vespers service offered each month. We are grateful for all who have led Vespers, led programs and participated on Wednesdays. During COVID that midweek collection of your beautiful faces on the Zoom gallery was salvific!

However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be opportunities for Adult Faith Exploration. A short survey to gather your thoughts on what kind of Adult Faith Exploration programing you would like to see in the future is below. It includes a few examples but I what our team really wants to know is what YOU are interested in exploring. One of the most rewarding aspects of my ministry with you has been when I have been able to facilitate or co-facilitate discussion circles or curricula that support you on your spiritual journey. It has also been rewarding to support those of you who have volunteered to teach classes, lead small groups or facilitate activities that build community, strengthen connection and deepen your understanding of what it means to be a UU. Why are you a UU? So, please take a moment and respond to the survey.

Change in our Denomination

And lastly, change is coming to our denominational documents. The section that houses our UU Principles and Sources is being revised. Check out this document which explains the process and has a link to the proposed changes. As you read, I invite you to reflect on these questions: How does it make you feel? What do think about the recommended changes? What feedback do you have? There are opportunities to share your feedback via a Zoom gathering or a Google form. I will be hosting a bagged lunch discussion to discuss the proposal in person Nov. 30 at noon in person and at 7 PM via Zoom. Details will be in the e-news. Please consider attending.

Rev. Claudia Jimenez, Minister of Faith Development