Expectations of Parents and Guardians


We’re so happy to have you as a part of our community at UUCA! As a covenantal faith, we make agreements and promises about how we are going to be together and treat each other. In order to help everyone in our community be safe, healthy, and happy, please read the following expectations and guidelines and where applicable, discuss them with your children and youth.

Let’s all work together to create this open minded, loving, and helpful community.

Partner with the Religious Education Staff and volunteers for a safe and meaningful experience for your children by:

  • Being on campus when your children are with us (exceptions may be made for 10-12th graders).
  • Staying informed: Subscribe to our weekly eNews and join our Facebook communities.
  • Keeping the RE staff informed of significant changes in family life that impact your kids: divorce/custody arrangements, deaths, illnesses, new medical concerns, etc. We want to support you and your children as much as possible.
  • Telling us when your contact information changes.
  • Attending regularly.
  • Making a yearly financial pledge which supports the RE program and the goals of the congregation. The success of this program depends on all parents (and other congregants) to contribute their fair share of support.
  • Volunteering in the RE Program—This is a cooperative program and we need parent participation to make it work.


Basic Safety Policies and Procedures

  • At least two adults in all gatherings.
  • Always follow the “rule of three” i.e. no adult should ever be alone with a child or teen that they are not the guardian of.
  • Everyone who works with children or youth is subject to a background check.
  • Parents supervise children on the playground before or after RE classes.
  • Children must be registered and medical concerns noted.


Illness Guidelines

If a child has had any of the following within the past 24 hours, please keep them home so they can recover and so others can avoid getting sick as well: vomiting, diarrhea, fever of 100 degrees or greater, rash, lice, or anything else that would cause you or others concern.
This also applies to adult volunteers. Be mindful that some adults or children may have a low immunity status due to age or health concerns and are therefore unable to fight off an exposure.  Please take care of yourself and our community!

Vaccines Guidelines

According to the local health department, compared to other counties, Buncombe County has a high rate of children who are not fully immunized. Since we do not normally require parents to show vaccination records for their children to attend the religious education or child care programs, it may at times become necessary to take additional measures to prevent the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases circulating in the community or local schools.

If we receive a report of a communicable disease in the larger community:

  • We may require parents to provide vaccination records prior to their children attending religious education or child care programs during the outbreak time frame.
  • If a child/youth has not been vaccinated, we ask they stay home until the outbreak has passed or they receive a vaccination.
  • Be mindful that some adults and children may have a low immunity status due to health concerns or age and be unable to fight off an exposure, as well as unable to receive vaccinations.
  • We will also ask any adults, particularly RE volunteers, who may be susceptible to the disease to remain at home during this time.

Healthy Congregation Policy

Please review this policy

RE Covenant

Please review our Religious Education Covenant

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