Photo of Rev. Dr. Cathy HarringtonThe Soul Matters theme for October is Cultivating Relationship, and one purpose of this theme is to help us reflect on what we have learned from the pandemic.  Perhaps most importantly, the pandemic taught us not to take our relationships for granted. Our arms literally ache to hug our loved ones after being separated for longer than we could have ever imagined. And not being able to meet in person with our beloved church community has been a tremendous loss as well. As the COVID rates continue to go down, we have reason to be hopeful that we will be able to ease into meeting safely in person before too long, so hang in there!

In the meantime, we are creating opportunities to get together for outdoor activities and worship.  It has been a joy to meet some of you in person at events such as the Coming of Age Kickoff, the Third Thursday Joyful Noise gathering, the Patio Dedication (thanks to all who came out in the rain), and I look forward to meeting more of you at the outdoor Animal Blessing this Sunday. Come and hear the Sandburgers play Peter, Paul & Mary and Steve Miller!  And there will be treats for both pets and their humans!

With the help of our technical gurus, Steve Carter and Jen Bennett, we are aiming for our first hybrid worship service, so you have the option to stay home and watch on Zoom.  I am compiling the delightful pet photos you have been sending, and I have room for more!  Send your favorite pet photos to ASAP, and don’t forget to add their names.  We will also honor the beloved pets who are no longer with us in body but remain forever in our hearts, so send me a photo to add to the Memorial Slides. We will remember them with gratitude and love.

I am looking forward to meeting more of you at the Gathering at The Mountain next weekend. Bring your questions regarding the interim process or anything else on Saturday afternoon at 3pm on the common deck for the Ask the Minister event. 

My friend and colleague, Hilary Krivchenia, said it best; “We are like aspen trees – who have mistakenly thought that since we look like many trees that is the truth – but under the ground, our root system is one – we are fully alive when we are connected because we are, we were always, part of one another”.  May we never forget this hard-earned pandemic wisdom.

In faith and love,
Rev, Cathy Harrington, Interim Lead Minister