Have something to submit to the Newsletter? 

Our eNewsletter is our primary avenue for communicating all the events and happenings in our congregation, and our larger regional and UU communities. If you have something you would like to submit to the newsletter, please review the guidelines below:

All eNews submissions should include a contact person and a brief description or text to use; all events should also include date, time, and location, If your event is not already listed on the congregational calendar, or needs to be included in Sunday announcements, please note this in your submission. If you want us to include a hyperlink to more information or an outside link, please include that link as text in your email as well.

 Please DO NOT format your article (i.e., no bullets, indents, etc.), use standard capitalization practices, and keep it to 50-75 words. Note that minor edits may be made to fit your information to our newsletter format. If you would like to include an image with your article, please provide a square image. If the image you provide is not square, please note that it will be edited or substituted to fit our article format. Article images are generally 300x 300 pixels, so be mindful that images with a large amount of text may not be readable. 

All newsletter items should be turned to the staff member responsible for that department by 10 am Tuesday to be included in that Thursday’s newsletter. If your submission arrives later than 10 am Tuesday it will be added to submissions for the following week. 

So who gets what?

  • Justice Ministry and Adult Faith Development: Rev. Claudia Jiménez 
  • Religious Education and Youth & Family Faith Development: Kim Collins 
  • This Loving Community and News & Events: Aja Gaul (Upcoming social groups are pulled from the congregational calendar and do not need to be submitted if they are already listed there.) 
  • Committees and Work teams such as LDC, Auction, Finance Committee, Memorial Garden, Special Events, etc: Aja Gaul
  • If you are a member of the broader community that wishes to share your opportunity for civic engagement with our congregation, please direct your email to Rev. Claudia Jiménez  & Aja Gaul.

If you have any questions about the process, or are unsure about your group’s staff liaison, please reach out to Aja at  information@uuasheville.org or 828-254-6001 x200.