As I drove to the office this morning in 60-degree weather, windows rolled down, sun streaming through the tree-lined streets of the roads that lead to UUCA, I felt tremendous gratitude for the opportunity to live in the mountains and for the warm welcome I have received in my new role as Minister of Faith Development. Thank you!

My areas of focus are pastoral care, all-ages faith development, and worship (mainly Wednesday Thing). I have been meeting with the various committees and individuals involved in these areas since I started my work with you August 1.

This week I’ve been working with the planning team for the Wednesday Thing, which launches September 12. All are welcome to share a meal, worship together and participate in faith development. You are encouraged to bring the family, bring a friend and bring an open mind for an evening of connecting, reflecting, learning and fun for all ages. I had the opportunity to attend a vespers service during one of my visits and was excited to experience a service that welcomed children, was brief, and yet provided spiritual nourishment midweek. When applying for the job to serve this congregation, this program intrigued me. I look forward to working with the planning team and other volunteers to make this one of the “must do” faith-development, community-building activities at UUCA.

In order to build community and welcome newcomers, it is important that programs be open to all. UUCA committee meetings and closed groups like Covenant Groups will not gather during Wednesday Thing. You are invited, instead, to join in midweek worship, fellowship, and learning. This year’s schedule includes familiar programs such as Ted Talks with Bill Clontz, Multigenerational Choir, Peacemakers and Drop-In Theme Groups as well as new programs: UU History 101, Caring Community Conversations, The Better World Handbook Study Group and Odyssey (a monthly gathering to honor the life journey of one of our elders. Details coming).

Our schedule this year will be: Dinner 5:30-6:20; Vespers 6:30- 6:50; Programming 7:00-8:00 PM. We’ve built in time between activities for clean-up and transition. We are still working on this year’s calendar and welcome your ideas! Please contact me or a member of the planning team (Kim Collins, Linda Topp, and Jeff Jones) if you 1) have an idea for a program, 2) would like to lead vespers or join the planning team, 3) are part of a group interested in hosting a program, or 4) have questions about the program.

See yoUU September 12 at Wednesday Thing!

Rev. Claudia Jiménez, Minister of Faith Development