In gratitude for the incredibly generous and tireless effort of the facilitators and mentors, the families of the 2021-22 UUCA Coming of Age class planted three beautyberry bushes in the new pollinator garden at the front entrance of the church.

The three plants are arranged in a triangle with two dark-leaved Pearl Glam Beautyberry plants in the back and one greener-leaved American Beautyberry in the front. The Pearl Glams were intended to represent the mentors and facilitators, providing the backing and support for the Coming of Age youth, while the American Beautyberry in the front represents our youth stepping forward into the spotlight. All three plants contribute to the world as pollinators, and all three have beautiful white flowers that precede bright purple berries. The berries are both stunning and edible.

The bushes were planted by the youth at the end of their closing ceremony on May 22. Despite encountering much harder ground than anticipated (metaphor alert 😊), their hard work won out in the end. We look forward to watching them all flourish in the years ahead.