We’re guessing you know a lot about climate change, but we’ve got up-to-the-minute info for you.  Show up to find out why the greenhouse effect is a very good thing; why the owners of a Noah’s Ark replica in Kentucky sued their insurance company for $1 million in flood damage; why 80% of all new electricity capacity added globally in 2019 was renewable energy; why a wavy polar vortex is a very bad thing; and why last year’s California wildfires were not started by lasers from outer space.

Session leaders are Ed Prestemon and Wink Zachritz, who are both Green Ring presenters of Al Gore’s Climate Reality organization.  Each session will consist of a 30 to 40-minute presentation followed by time for Q&A and discussion.

You can register for the series of presentations here. After registering, you will receive an email with the Zoom link prior to the session.