Youth Conferences at The Mountain

We have a tradition of sending our youth to these awesome events. Going to youth “Cons” opens up the world of Unitarian Universalism beyond our congregation and allows kids to meet other young UUs from the region. Adult chaperones are required for a group of youth. If you or your youth are interested in attending, contact Kim Collins.

Youth CONferences happen at The Mountain each Fall and Spring: Join us for this year’s Youth CON at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center. Dates available for ages 8-18.

Words from one parent:It’s a fantastic weekend! We’ll need some parents to go along as chaperones — it’s fun, and you get a weekend at the Mountain!  It’s a great way to bond the kids together and for them to have a great time. They also will get to see leadership skills in action and try activities they can bring back to group.”