Yard Lights

Security yard lights kill thousands of moths. Replace these lights with motion-sensor lights that light-up only when motion is detected.

Help Local Wildlife

Install covers over your window wells to prevent small critters like frogs from entering and becoming trapped in the window wells. The plastic covers are an inexpensive fix and easy to install.

Curbie’s Recycling Tip

Squash the plastic bottles and cans if you can but do not flatten them like a pancake because they would be hard to separate from paper recyclables.

Less Packaging

Cut down on packaging by choosing tea bags that don’t have strings and tags or are in individual wrappers.

No More Hormone Eggs

As reported in Consumer Reports, eggs labeled “raised with no hormones” are no different from eggs that don’t have that claim.  By law, chickens that produce eggs cannot be given hormones.

Gaskets Save Energy

Every once and a while, check the rubber gasket on your gas cap to be sure it’s not cracked and allowing gasoline to evaporate because of a poor seal.

Save Energy While Cooking

Your oven or pot retain heat well so consider turning off the stove or oven several minutes before timer rings. Your food will continue cooking.

Keep Sewer Systems Healthy

Avoid putting tissue paper and facial paper and wipes into toilet.  These products do not easily dissolve in water.  Sewer systems are designed for only human waste and toilet tissue.

Bee Vigiliant

Do not use products containing neonicotinaids (neonics). Some chemicals associated with the neonics’ family are Acetamiprid, Cothianidin and Imidacloprid and are known to be harmful to bees. Read labels on products in your home and local garden center. Avoid using neonics.

Exhaust Fans

Switch on bathroom exhaust fans when using hair spray or nail polish.  These products release VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Banks and Climate Change

Who’s funding the fossil fuel industry? Check out “Banking on Climate Change—Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2020”  from Rain Forest Action Network ( ran.org )

Hold Your Horsepower

Hold your horsepower and cutback on your carbon footprint.  When starting-up in your car from a stop, accelerate slowly. Quick starts burn-up gas.

Sustainable Grilling Tip

If using charcoal for grilling, use an electric starter instead of lighter fluid.  Lighter fluid contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to ground level ozone.

Skip the Slip

The environmental hazards of paper receipts are well-known. Over 90% of the receipts are coated with chemicals like Bisphenol S (BPS) that have been linked to endocrine-disrupting health problems. These receipts pose risks to workers and customers. Ask for a digital receipt or just skip the slip.

LEGO Replay

If you are clearing out LEGO or DUPLO blocks, consider donating them to kids in need using the free LEGO Replay program. Get the details on how to donate by checking out the program on-line.

Look for FSC Label

When shopping for wood products, look for a FSC, (Forest Stewardship Council) label. The Council certifies that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

Avoid PFAS

Nonstick, grease resistant paper-based food ware such as pizza boxes & pastry bags, microwave popcorn bags can contain the toxic chemical PFAS (polyfluoralkyl) found in Teflon products. Keep this info in mind when getting food to go or delivered.

Alternative to Peat Moss

Harvesting of peat moss destroys bog ecosystems. Substitute these materials: compost, leaf mold, sawdust, shredded bark or wood chips.  Another option is coir dust or cocopeat from coconut husks.

Good On You is Good For You

Interested in organic, eco-friendly and fair trade clothing? Check out the website Good On You for guides and tips on sustainable shoe products as well as clothing.

Why Power Strips

If left plugged in computers, stereos, TVs will still draw power even when turned off. To reduce your energy consumption, plug electronics into a power strip and when not in use, flip off the switch.

Fabric Softeners

Conventional Fabric softeners even when “fragrance-free” contain a host of chemicals.  To avoid toxins, make your own: pour half a cup of white vinegar into the fabric softener dispenser in your washing machine or put the vinegar during the rinse cycle

Safe Cookware

Avoid nonstick cookware coated with Teflon made with the chemicals PFOA and PFC.  In 2013, PFOA was found to be dangerous  and replaced with PFCs which have not proven to be any safer.  Better options are cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel and ceramic coated cookware

Interested in Composting!

Check out Green America’s article “Pick a Composter, Any Composter” on its website that provides details on some of the most popular options. Green Tip brought to you by Earth Community Circle action group. Click here for more ideas/

Laundry Efficiency

What’s more Efficient, a Front-Loading Washer or a Top-Loading?  A top-loading washer can consume almost 50 percent more energy and twice as much water as a front-loading washer of the same capacity.Consumer Reports has found that the most efficient washers need less than 10 gallons a load. (Mr. Green, Sierra Club) Green Tip brought to you by Earth Community Circle action group.  For more ideas: http://uuasheville.org/social-justice/green-sanctuary/