Help Stop SB20, the Monster Abortion Ban!

In just 48 hours last week, anti-abortion lawmakers in the NC General Assembly introduced and passed a monster abortion ban. This bill bans abortion after 12 weeks, puts further limits on medication abortion, mandates 3 in-person visits for abortion care, and so much more. It is full of medically unnecessary, political, and spiteful restrictions on abortion care, and it’s now on the Governor’s desk. 

Governor Cooper has promised to veto this bill, and our focus is ensuring there is a path to upholding his veto. Below are three actions you can take today to protect abortion access in North Carolina.

1) Contact the Governor to thank him for his promise to veto SB20!

His office needs to know that there is opposition to this bill from thousands of people around the state. 

  • Email here
  • Call: 919-814-2000
  • Sample script: “My name is ___________, and I live in   CITY . I am calling today to thank Governor Cooper for speaking out against the monster abortion ban, Senate Bill 20, which was rushed through the legislature with no notice and little public input.  Abortion care is part of reproductive health care and maternal care, and it should be treated as such. Politicians have no business inserting themselves into healthcare decisions. The restrictions on this bill will fall hardest on those who already have the least access to healthcare. I oppose this new monster abortion ban and I strongly urge Governor Cooper to veto it!”

2) Write a letter to the editor!

The bill sponsors know banning abortion is not popular with North Carolinians, which is why they crafted this ban behind closed doors and rushed it through the process. The sponsors are insisting that this bill has the support of people in our state, but we know that it is not true! We need to make sure as many people as possible know the truth about this bill and to demonstrate that majority of people in our state support abortion access and oppose this bill.

  • Find your hometown newspaper here and submit your letter today! We include some tips for how you can share your voice in this way.
  • Some points you can make include:
    • In addition to banning abortion after 12 weeks, the bill also puts barriers in place to make it more difficult for patients to seek out care, especially if they have to travel far to a clinic.
    • This monster ban is unworkable for medical providers. This is extreme and dangerous government overreach into the practice of medicine.
    • Abortion care is a common part of reproductive healthcare, and restricting this care further will have impacts throughout the healthcare system, as we’ve already seen in other states.