It’s the season of giving, right?  So maybe it’s a good time to spend some time considering what generosity means.  I’ve recently read two pieces that have made me think about that—again.  The first is from essays in the book, Turning Point: Essays on a New Unitarian Universalism, a book that will be used as a source of discussion in an upcoming offering from the Leadership Development Committee.

In the essays by past UUA President Peter Morales and Fredric Muir (the book’s editor), I am reminded that generosity is not just about money.  Just like the word stewardship, generosity covers a much larger territory.  Rev. Muir says that, “Unitarian Universalism generosity is the core value in our civic and faith life.  In our foundational documents, themes of generosity radiate.  We are a people of a generous spirit.” Rev. Morales notes, “A true generosity of spirit is eager to share—and that means Unitarian Universalists sharing ourselves and our communities as well as our treasure.”

This leads us to ask ourselves, “How can UUCA prove its generous spirit to the greater world?”  (That’s your homework assignment.)

The second piece is part of an email from the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship. Aisha Hauser, part of the CLF Lead Ministry Team, writes about UU congregations, noting that the core value of generosity is not always evident.

…This scarcity mentality extends to money and resources. While there is the desire to share money and resources, it is not a given. Each year, every UU entity asks for money.

What if we started from a place of abundance? …What if we made it a practice to tithe generously to our UU faith communities rather than have them ask each year during a pledge drive or a service auction? If all the effort put in the ask and putting on these events went to community organizing and other forms of community care? [From Linda:  I ask myself this all the time. At least the auction provides fellowship opportunities.]

Is that a way we can prove UUCA’s generous spirit to the greater world?  (A little homework hint.)

Peace and blessings for a way better year—all around,
Linda Topp, Director of Administration