If you haven’t had a chance to notice yet, there’s a sign on my office door at the church that has these words from my friend, the author Rivera Sun:

Be kind.

Be connected.

Be unafraid.

Sometimes you really don’t need a sermon – just a wise friend reminding you of what the high road looks like.

That’s what we’re really about, we Unitarian Universalists. We like to use a lot of words to say it. We like to get really busy, trying to show it. And of course, sometimes our fear sneaks up on us. But we’re “the Love people,” (according to the world all around, who see our yellow shirts at times when it really matters) and we are trying… to be kind. To be connected. To be unafraid.

If you need some practice, all you really need to do is take a glance at this eNewsletter, or visit our website calendar and you will see that our congregational life is absolutely blooming! From our Soul Matters or Soup & Soul Suppers, to our kids and youth outings and activities or the Reproductive Justice series, to our Givens gatherings or the upcoming Yellow Brigade involvement at Blue Ridge Pride on Sept. 30th, there is something for everyone at UU Asheville. And Sundays! Well, the joy and connection then is just palpable.

So come. Join in. We’re here, being kind, connected, and unafraid.

See you in church –

With love,

Rev. Audette