Interesting question, isn’t it?  Because all of a sudden you’re asking yourself, “What do you mean by leader?”  Imagine sitting on a committee and trying to answer that question.  That’s part of the job of the Leadership Development Committee (LDC).  I can’t say that we’ve come up with a definitive answer, but we have been coming up with a list of information that UUCA leaders say they need.

After sitting in on a UUCA workshop for church leaders last spring, and then interviewing current Board members, the members of the LDC (James Cassara-chair, Susan Andrew, Bill Kleiber, Natale Polinko, Bob Wilson) concluded that congregants really want a better understanding of how things get decided around here.  They also want to know where to find information, how to purchase something and get reimbursed, or maybe even how to run a new fundraiser.  If you’re one of these inquiring folks, plan to attend a 2-hour workshop on Saturday, September 28, 9:30-11:30, that will reveal all!  Reserve your spot by contacting Bill Kleiber.

The LDC also knows that some folks haven’t explored their own leadership qualities lately, so we’d like to give you a chance to do that.  Consequently, you’re invited to attend a different 2-hour workshop on Saturday, November 9, 9:30-11:30 that will explore leadership styles.  At this event, workshop participants will gain a better understanding of the primary styles of leadership and how they affect the decisions we make and processes we employ.  What’s our natural leadership style (we each have one) and how do we know when it’s best suited for one task but not another? When do we lead and when do we stay back and allow others to do so?  This fast-paced, discussion-centered workshop is well suited for anyone who is on any committee, focus group, problem-solving task force, or covenant group at UUCA or for anyone who simply wants to become a more confident and assured leader.  Reserve your spot by contacting Natale Polinko.

So who can be a leader at UUCA?  Get it out of your head that all leaders have to be chairs of something.  That’s so 1990s.  Nowadays, anyone who works with others in devoting time and energy to making UUCA a better place is a leader.  Yes, indeedy.  We need introverts!  Extroverts.  Idea people. Organizers.  Techie people.  Luddites.  Older people.  Younger people. Numbers people.  Word people.  Brainy people.  Brawny people.  Get it?  Do NOT sell yourself short.  Because we don’t!  Volunteer to share your time and talents at UUCA today!

Linda Topp, Director of Administration