April Newsletter

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MINISTER’S MUSINGS from the April Newsletter

One of Dylan Thomas’ most celebrated poems begins with the phrase “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower drives my green age.” Those words have always seemed to me to name the most compelling truth about this time of year. As the world begins its greening once again we, too, feel renewed and awakened.

Growth is a central principle for all living things, us included. Even those of us who have stopped growing physically have room for much continued growth emotionally and spiritually. And just like with plants, our spiritual growth occurs with the taking in of some nutrient – something we need, that enriches us – that helps us deepen and broaden our understanding with the aim of reaching spiritual maturity. And by spiritual maturity I mean a centered place of being where we are both individually at peace and deeply connected.

So, this month I invite you to consider the kind of growing you have to do and what might feed you to achieve that growth. Especially, I ask you to consider how being engaged in this community might help that occur. Part of what we exist for is to be agents of each other’s growing, to offer each other enrichment and the space and support to send out tendrils that lead us to new learning and new ways of being. All of this, we hope, takes us in a direction that helps us realize who we truly are and connects us most deeply to each other and the Earth.