In lieu of our usual in-person Annual Meeting, this year’s vote will instead take place via online or mail-in ballots.

You are encouraged to review all items being voted on and to reach out to Rev. Mark, Linda Topp, or Ryan Williams if you want further information or have clarifying questions regarding the ballot items. Here are the items you will vote on, along with some background information.

Turn in your ballot before noon on Monday, June 15.  That is the “date of record” for the meeting.  Contact Tish Murphy if you would prefer a paper ballot sent to your home.

clipart hand writing a letter

Click Here to read a letter to you from UUCA’s Board President,
Ryan Williams.

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Click Here to go to the electronic ballot.

meeting minutes

Click Here for the Summary of the 20-21 (last year’s) online voting results.


Click Here for the 21-22 Proposed Budget Summary and 20-21 End-of-Year Projection

Click Here for the 21-22 Budget PowerPoint Presentation.  This is the same presentation that has been available since mid-April.  However, there has been a change in the pay rate for our childcare workers.  This change is included in the Proposed Budget Summary and is explained in the Narrative Review of the budget below.

Click Here for a Narrative Review of the 21-22 Proposed Budget, including an explanation of the change in the pay rate for our childcare workers.


Click Here to learn why we’ve included a Procedural Motion on the ballot.


clip art church trustees putting together a puzzle

Click Here to meet the folks on the ballot for the Board of Trustees and the Leadership Development Committee.



Click Here for the UUCA Capital Facilities Assessment showing that we need about $670,000 over the next 10 years to adequately maintain and refurbish our three buildings.



If you have questions, comments, suggestions, please direct them to Linda Topp, our Board President, Ryan Williams, or any Board member.

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