We Are All Lighthouse Keepers
Annual Giving Drive 24-25


We are all lighthouse keepers. The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville has been a shining light in this community for 70 years. The lighthouse, standing tall and steadfast against the elements, symbolizes our commitment to Unitarian Universalist values, and to serving all who seek solace, community, and a spiritual home.

What’s the ask? Our pledge goal for 24-25 is $800,000, which is ~$150,000 above the pledge total for 23-24. Here is how we get there together:

If you are currently giving financially to UU Asheville, our ask is to increase your giving for 24-25 by the amount shown on the chart below based on whichever giving level you are currently in.

Please make your pledge for the 2024-2025 fiscal year by April 1st! This is vital as we prepare our budget for the coming year, and as we prepare for our Celebration Sunday on April 7th!


If you are not currently giving financially to UU Asheville, now is the best time to start! Please consider giving at the average monthly pledge amount of $170 ($2,000 annually), or as generously as you are able. View the Fair Share giving guide from the UUA here to guide your giving decision.

Read a special message from our Annual Giving Drive Team here.

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