Cecil BoardThe definition of change is: Make or become different; The act or instance of making or becoming different.

Has change affected you and how you are doing things today compared to a month, six months, or even a year ago? Throughout our lives we have been faced with changes almost constantly; celebrating various events–birthdays, births, deaths, meeting new people, or losing old friends. These are some of the changes brought into our lives. The challenge of learning new things also changes us–learning and succeeding to ride a bike or to skate or starting a new hobby or skill. As we let our memory float to the past, we can remember so many changes we have faced in our lives. Some of these changes brought us joy, some great sorrow, and others led to different lifestyles. We try to accept these changes as they occurred.

Our church has seen many changes as it has grown from its inception in the 1950s. It moved from a small group of similarly focused people meeting in small groups in a house in West Asheville that was converted into a meeting house for the UU fellowship. Later they moved from there to its current location at 1 Edwin Street. Over a period of time, the church was able to purchase the two houses at 21 and 23 Edwin as well as change the church building to its present configuration. (If you are wanting more history, look on UUCA’s website where you can find additional information.)

Last year we learned that Rev. Mark planned to retire at the end of June 2020 so we needed to start the process of finding a replacement. After 16 years of serving as minister to this congregation, we would be undergoing a big change. Unknown to all was that another change was coming down the pike. COVID-19 occurred and has affected us in so many ways. When Rev. Mark realized the severity of this, he made the decision to postpone his retirement until June 2021. This was a big change for him and his family and was a welcome change for the congregation.

In March the decision was made to stop having face-to-face services and meetings. The staff and Board made the decision to go virtual. Wow! Talk about change! One change was how to conduct Sunday services, meetings, and other church business. The decision was made to use a restricted YouTube link to broadcast the Sunday services to lessen the church’s exposure to copyright violations. Many meetings, including the church service and coffee hour, have shifted to using Zoom. One potential problem was how to conduct the annual meeting. The decision was made to allow mail-in ballots or email votes. The congregation voted on new board members, last year’s minutes, a bylaw change, LDC members, and the proposed budget. The congregation accepted this change and it went very well.

Social media has become our way of life whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Zoom, or one of the many others. I am sure that many of our seniors, myself included, have had a learning curve to try to learn and understand how to work the systems. Most of us have conquered the basics so we can keep up with most UUCA events. (Some of us are lucky to find a teenager or another person we can ask for help.)

Yes, not only have we had to change our UUCA ways, but our personal lives have drastically changed also. We cannot go to theaters, concerts, gatherings, parties, and the list goes on. So, we have been and still are faced with more changes. Most of us have adapted to the new standards. With extra time at home, we have rekindled old hobbies we had put aside some time ago. Perhaps we are painting, reading, gardening, doing jobs around the house, or contacting people we haven’t been in touch with via phone, email, or social media. We might even start something new.

Let us not forget the many changes made by the health care workers, store employees, truck drivers, farmers etc. They, too, have made changes in their lives. We need to tell them just how much they are appreciated.

Most of us are aware of the many changes I have mentioned. I have only touched the surface for the many changes people are experiencing during this time. We all have undergone some drastic changes. I am sure we will have more changes to face in the future. Sometimes we cannot do anything about these changes but must just accept them. Other times we can work to make the changes easier.

A Greek philosopher ( Heraclitus) was given credit for saying “THE ONLY CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE.” Everything is changing constantly whether it’s the weather or the flowing water of a river. Change is all around us. During this change, the church staff has had to modify how to do the daily work of the church. They have done a wonderful job and deserve our thanks and appreciation.

Cecil Bennett, Board of Trustees