This month’s Soulful Home packet invites us to reflect on resilience. Team member Teresa writes the following:
“For a people of faith, resilience is more than grit (though it can contain grit), and it’s more than good vibes (though good vibes help). Resilience is about keeping the faith together; reminding ourselves and each other of stories of courage, redemption, and community; and consciously–even playfully–cultivating tools to help us grow into our sturdy wholeness.”

The activity for this month invites us to envision resilience manifesting in several different ways in our community. We can find resilience – i.e. “come-back stories” – in the natural world, in our community offerings, in art, in public services, even in everyday objects found in many public places. With resilience in mind, can you find…

  • A fidget spinner (This fad was a huge hit in 2017! Fidget toys can help people relieve stress and calm and focus their minds.)
  • A mural or other piece of public art that makes you feel uplifted 
  • A recharging station (this can be literal or figurative)
  • A counseling office (use this opportunity to destigmatize and talk about the role of psychotherapy and counselling in helping people heal and grow)
  • Three different types of water fountains (places to step away, take a break, and rejuvenate)
  • A First-Aid kit or Defibrillator (resources to help a person recover after an emergency)
  • Glowing coals (holding the heat and ready to be blown back into a fire, perhaps?)
  • A dandelion (a most resilient wildflower who might be popping up–or laying low, close the ground–where you live!)
  • A community center (where a resilient community might offer free services to help folks socialize, move their bodies, get career or tax help, etc.)
Can you find this art work in downtown Asheville?